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Client Deployment Files

  • _dbaid_release_#_Create.sql
  • dbaid.collector.exe
  • dbaid.configg.exe
  • dbaid.checkmk.exe

DBAid Management Database


The DBAid management database contains all the procedure logic. The script requires SQLCMD mode.

DBAid Data Collector


The DBAid Data Collector sends the log information back to the central server. The process connects to the DBAid management database where it compresses and encrypts the data returned by the procedures in the log schema, and then emails the files.

Config Genie Plug-In


The Config Genie plug-in queries localhost wmi information and loads the data into the DBAid management database [dbo].[service]. The executable takes command line arguments, e.g. dbaid.configg.exe -server "localhost" -db "_dbaid". For more information about arguments, execute: dbaid.configg.exe /?

Check_MK Plug-In


The Check-MK plug-in connects to the DBAid management database and returns check information from stored procedures in the check and chart schemas. You can disable check or chart procedures in the dbo.procedure table.

Collector Deployment Scenarios

Centralised Collector:


Decentralised Collector:


Client Installation

  1. Request an AD service account with permission to send SMTP emails. This may require a mailbox attached to the service account, or you may be able to relay emails as anonymous...
  2. On the server hosting the SQL Instance(s) you would like to manage/monitor, create the following folder: "C:\Datacom\"
  3. Copy the following files into the "C:\Datacom\":
    1. dbaid.collector.exe
    2. dbaid.collector.exe.config
    3. dbaid.configg.exe
  4. Modify the "dbaid.collector.exe.config" file. See the configuration section for more detail.
  5. Deploy the DBAid database on all SQL Instances _dbaid_release_#_Create.sql. NOTE: This script requires SQLCMD mode.

check_mk plugin install information to be added soon

Client Configuration

DBAid Database Config

SQLCMD variables
  1. ClientDomain, deprecated, specific to Datacom system.
  2. PublicKey, RSA public key in XML format. You can generate one inside SQL Server using the dbaid.keygen CLR
  3. CollectorServiceAccount, the Local or AD service account that will execute the dbaid.collector.exe application.
  4. CheckServiceAccount, the Local or AD service account that will execute the monitoring checks, e.g. Checkmk agent service account (Checkmk default "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM").
  5. ServiceLoadExe, the location for config-genie binary "dbaid.configg.exe". This path is added to a SQL job “dbaidconfig_genie” which can be modified later if required (Default path, "C:\Datacom\dbaid.configg.exe").

Collector Config

  1. Update Email* appSettings:
    1. EmailSmtp, if SSL is enabled then the address will need to match the certificate host name, or you can Ignore SSL failures.
    2. EmailTo, is the address of the mailbox that will be used for relaying encrypted data.
    3. EmailFrom, if spoofing address is disallowed this will need to be the service accounts mailbox address.

check_mk plugin configuration information to be added soon

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